EMS starts with optional afternoon first-day workshops that kick-start the EMS experience where attendees choose from the below topics. (Workshop admission requires an All Access registration.)

Monday | May 14

2:30 PM – 4:30 PM


The artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality playbook is evolving yet again—with some major implications for 2018—and you better be up on it. Gone are the days of solo VR experiences, simple 360 videos and basic augmented engagements.
  • This rapid-fire 2018-focused workshop will provide you with the best practices, data and information you need to wrap your arms around the AI, VR and AR crazes—so you can begin to more successfully integrate these tools into your 2018 experiences.
  • Get a background on the technologies, a look at where they’re all going and top tips for leveraging them at events and trade shows.
  • Learn what equipment is needed, how to budget for AI, VR and AR and what the development timeline looks like.
  • Hear how to create great AI, VR and AR experiences, the best ways to use them at events and see examples of it all in action.
  • You’ll walk away ready to make virtual a reality inside your own live experiences.
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2:30 PM – 4:30 PM


It’s the brand best known for transforming the world of b-to-b conferences into festival-like playgrounds where learning takes precedence and networking and fun coexist in equal measure—and they’re opening their doors to you for the very first time. Take a trip to Oracle headquarters for an exclusive immersion into one of the world’s leading, and longest-running, event organizations (round trip shuttle transport in our EMS bus is provided).
  • Sit in on a master class on how this dynamic and early Silicon Valley brand is keeping pace with attendee learning, technology and attendee expectations by constantly reinventing its event strategy and portfolio.
  • Be among the only outsiders to get the candid story on how, and why, Oracle reimagined its flagship OpenWorld event to become one of the industry’s most forward-thinking conferences.
  • Get an exclusive strategic overview of how Oracle’s event org works, how its culture and infrastructure supports its spirit of reinvention and why sustainability and corporate responsibility is central to its entire mission.
Shuttle to Oracle campus leaves the Marriott Marquis at 1:45 and returns around 4:45. This workshop is limited to the first 60 to register. (Admission requires Monday, Monday/Tuesday or Three-Day All Access Registration.)
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2:30 PM – 4:30 PM


Festivals have become a vital piece of the cultural landscape for nearly 32 million festivalgoers each year.
  • In this two-hour “festivalization” intensive, we’ll arm you with everything you need to know to navigate and activate across this crazy popular and fast-moving landscape.
  • You’ll learn: how to choose the right festival platform for your marketing objectives; how to engage today’s fickle festival attendees; how to craft sponsorship deals; how to extend your sponsorship reach and impact across live, digital and social media platforms; how to cut through the clutter and stand out at festivals and how to shape a compelling hospitality experience.
  • Hear dozens of case studies from leading festival brands on what worked and what didn’t.
  • Get expert insights on where festivals are going and how you can keep up. Wrap it all up with a must-have checklist on festival security, and how to create a smart contingency strategy that will keep your staff and attendees safe.
Presented By:
  • Anna Clarke, Regional Manager-Field Marketing, CLIF Bar and Co., CLIF Bar and Co.
  • Claire Jackson, Consumer Experience Specialist, CLIF Bar and Co., CLIF Bar and Co.
  • Kent Underwood, Principal, LEO Events & Partner/CINO, KAABOO, KAABOO
  • Kailene Horlitz, Senior Account Director, Infinity Marketing Team, Infinity Marketing Team
2:30 PM – 4:30 PM


Back by popular demand, our “intro” class on experiential marketing. For up-and-coming event marketers, or those who might be seasoned in other areas but brand new to this industry, we offer a rapid-fire class on “the basics.”
  • We’ll deliver an overview focused on what you need to know to thrive and survive.
  • Topics to be covered include an overview of experiential marketing, top trends, rundowns of the top types of experiential programs, plus case studies.
  • We’ll also touch on measurement, best practices and keywords.
  • You’ll get a real feeling for what experiential is, why it’s growing and what’s next.
(Admission requires Monday, Monday/Tuesday or Three-Day All Access Registration.)
Presented By:
  • Jessica Heasley, Content Director, Event Marketer Magazine, Event Marketer magazine
  • Rachel Kirkpatrick, Executive Editor, Event Marketer Magazine, Event Marketer Magazine